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Standard Stands (Schell Scheme)


€160 per 1 sq. m. (including VAT)


€265 per 1 sq. m. (including VAT)

Dear exhibitors!

In accordance with Appendix №1 to the Aggreement on participation in the Forum for the construction of the stands "STANDARD +" and "EFFECT" will be used system OCTANORM, MAXIMA or another similar system that includes a lightweight aluminum constructions and plastic panels. Each standard wall panel has a height of 250 cm and a width of 100 cm.

Wall and other structural elements must be returned after the exhibition undamaged and cleaned of adhesive tape, etc. Attachment of any equipment to the stand construction, drilling holes, attaching advertising and other materials, pins, buttons, and so forth is prohibited.

The value of damaged structural elements of the stand and equipment will be charged to the Exhibitor in threefold.

Please note which equipment is included in the cost of the stand according to the Appendix №1 to the Aggreement for participation. If you will not use any items and equipment, the cost of their rent will not be refunded. Replacement of equipment included in the standard content on another is not provided. Additional fastening elements which are not included in the plan of your stand may be introduced to stabilize the stand structures. If you need to temporary remove them, you must obtain permission from official contractor and make sure that all necessary precautions are taken.

Approval of the draft of your stand will be made only after payment of the registration fee and advance payment according to the conditions of participation in the Forum.

On the issues of building your stand using the standard constructions please contact your personal manager in ICE Ltd.