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Attention! The demonstration program is subject to changes.
Please follow the information on the website.

Schedule of events

25 june 26 june 27 june 28 june 29 june 30 june
25 June
Air Forces Demo Cluster (Kubinka)
Strizhi (Swifts) Aerobatic Display Demonstration Team Mig-29
Air Forces Demo Cluster (Kubinka)
Russkie Vityazi (The Russian Knights) Aerobatic Display Demonstration Team SU-30SM
Air Forces Demo Cluster (Kubinka)
Solo Flight of Ka-52
Air Forces Demo Cluster (Kubinka)
Berkuts (The Golden Eagles) aerobatic demonstrator team with MI-28N
Air Forces Demo Cluster (Kubinka)
Solo flight of Mi-28N
Air Forces Demo Cluster (Kubinka)
Khmeimim Air Base

UAV system deployment by a crew.
UAV demonstration flight.
With UAV “Eleron-3” (Н-300-350 m) operation
Patriot Military-Patriotic Recreation Park of the Armed Forced of the Russian Federation
Kalashnikov Concern

Firing center of Kalashnikov Concern

Line No.1 (pistol)

Line No.2 (assault rifle)

Line No.3 (sniper weapon)

Line No.4 (pistol carbine)

Familiarization of visitors (experts) with interested samples of small arms

Demonstration program (10’) «Demonstration of fire arms skills»

Demonstration of small arms

1. 9-mm pistol carbine «Vityaz-SN»

2. 9-mm pistol carbine «Vityaz-MO»

3. 5.45-mm Kalashnikov AK-200 modified assault rifle

4. 7.62-mm Kalashnikov AK-203 assault rifle

5. 7.62-mm Kalashnikov AK-204 assault rifle

6. 5.45-mm Kalashnikov AK-205 assault rifle

7. 5.45-mm Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifle

8. 7.62-mm Kalashnikov AK-15 assault rifle

9. 5.45-mm Kalashnikov RPK-16 hand-held machine gun

10. 7.62-mm self-loading sniper rifle SVCh-54

11. 7.62-mm self-loading sniper rifle SVCh-51

12. .338LM self-loading sniper rifle SVCh-69

13. 8.6-mm precision sniper rifle VSV

14. 9-mm self-loading pistol PL-15K

15. 5.45-mm portable assault rifle AM-17

16. 9-mm silenced assault rifle AMB-17

Demonstration of non-military weapons

1. 308 Win self-loading hunting carbine IZh-1622

2. .223 Rem self-loading hunting carbine SR1

3. 366 Tkm self-loading hunting carbine TG-2

4. .22LR sporting rifle BI 7-7

5. .22LR hunting carbine 141 Sobol

6. 4.5-mm sporting pneumatic rifle BI 7-5